• Ensures consistency in the process / operations
    • Enables to assess the Customer Satisfaction Level
    • Builds confidence among customer on the processes
    • Enables to measure the effectiveness of its system
    • Directs all individual thinking towards a common goal
    • Enables SYSTEM dependent rather than PEOPLE dependent
    • Assures the Top Management to reflect their commitment

    Why choose 4 ‘S’TQM SOLUTIONS?

    • We consider consultancy is not a business but a service to organization
    • Be a part of the problem and assist in achieve solutions
    • More customer friendly and flexible
    • Track record of offering practical consultancy
    • Provide a User-friendly system to enable to achieve efficient results

    Improvement Training

    Maximize the effectiveness of your Corrective Action, Preventive Action, and Continuous Improvement actions with our proven methodology.

    Management Review Assistance

    Take a fresh look at your Management System and data sources to make sure you truly understand the state of the company and are applying resources appropriately.

    Quality Objectives

    Get assistance in determining appropriate goals throughout the company to ensure that overall company objectives are obtained.